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Security Systems

Bosch CCTV


Video surveillance systems (CCTV) is a software and hardware complex (video cameras, lenses, monitors, recorders, and other equipment) designed to organize video monitoring both at local and geographically distributed sites. Video surveillance is today an integral part of any modern security system.

Physical Access Control System

 Physical Access Control System – a set of software and hardware security devices with the aim of restricting and registering the entrance and exit of objects (people, vehicles) in a given territory through the “access points”: doors, gates, checkpoints.

Avigilon Контроль доступом
Bosch Охранные системы

Security systems

Security systems are a set of jointly operating technical means for penetration detection (penetration attempts) on a protected object. Provides the collection, processing, transmission and presentation in a given form of service information.

Communication Systems

Radio (Motorola)

Motorola Solutions technology helps people stay connected. Commercial organizations and public safety services around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when it is necessary to provide teams with high quality communications for continuous access to all the information they need in their work – especially at times when this is especially important for all of them.

Motorola Mototrbo

Satellite communications

Satellite communications is one of the types of space radio communications, based on the use of artificial earth satellites, usually specialized communication satellites, as repeaters. Satellite communication is carried out between the so-called earth stations, which can be both stationary and mobile (ground or installed on aircraft).

Internet of Things


Low-power Wide-area Network — “Energy-efficient long-range network”) is a wireless technology for the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances, designed for distributed networks of telemetry, machine-to-machine interaction and the Internet of things.


 Radio Frequency IDentification — method of automatic identification of objects, in which data stored in so-called transponders or RFID tags are read or written by means of radio signals.

RFID tag

Date Base (Oracle)

Oracle (Oracle Corporation) is an American corporation, the second largest producer of software (after Microsoft), the largest manufacturer of software for organizations, a supplier of server hardware. The company specializes in the production of database management systems, middleware and business applications (ERP and CRM systems, specialized industry applications). The company’s most famous product is Oracle Database, which the company has been producing since its inception.

Innovative Technologies


This technology allows broadcasting 3D images floating in the air, and it can be controlled remotely from a computer or from a smartphone. This is an innovative explosive outdoor advertising technology. Holograms are a reality today. You can attract customers or select your product among others with this technology. This is a breakthrough technology of outdoor advertising in the form of a volume hologram. This moving 3D image in the air attracts the attention of many. Often people, when they first see an image floating in the air, take it to the camera and share it with their friends and subscribers, thus further advertising your brand.



MakeBlock is a constructor consisting of universal aluminum parts and other very different designs and mechanisms for assembling robots. The goal of the developers was to create such a constructor that absolutely everyone could use without having any special education. Previously, in order to assemble a robot, it was necessary to have deep knowledge in the field of electronics, software and mechanics. The authors of the project decided to create their own designer, which could be used by both children and adults.

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