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We bring to the country the latest technological solutions and modern products that serve to solve the tasks of managing the national economic complex, optimizing production, and developing educational processes.


Communication Systems

Motorola (MotoTRBO)

MOTOTRBO allows for the efficient exchange of information. This professional digital communications platform combines two-way radio capabilities with the latest digital technologies. It provides flawless integration of voice and digital data, is user-friendly, and offers enhanced functionality and an increased number of channels to meet your growing demands on communications. Thanks to the exceptional voice quality and enhanced battery capacity, MOTOTRBO radios allow your employees to stay connected in all situations.

Motorola (TETRA)

The TETRA standard is the main (if not the only available) standard for professional trunking radio telephone communication systems. First of all, it is a modern digital standard developed on the basis of GSM technology and focused on creating communication systems that effectively and economically solve the problem of flexible communication between different groups of users with multi-level prioritization of calls and information security. The main users of TETRA standard systems are law enforcement agencies, airports, and the manufacturing sector.


Satellite communications

Satellite communications is one of the types of space radio communications, based on the use of artificial earth satellites, usually specialized communication satellites, as repeaters. Satellite communication is carried out between the so-called earth stations, which can be both stationary and mobile (ground or installed on aircraft).



Avigilon develops and manufactures video analytics, software and equipment for network video management, surveillance cameras. Avigilon solutions are used by thousands of customers in a variety of environments, including educational institutions, transportation systems, healthcare facilities, public facilities and critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, factories, casinos, airports, financial and government institutions, and also in retail.

Avigilon CCTV
Bosch CCTV


Bosch delivers the highest image quality thanks to high resolution 4K ultra HD, starlight technology and a wide dynamic range. Bosch helps to significantly reduce data transfer speeds (up to 80%), network load and disk space requirements without loss of video quality. Bosch video surveillance systems implement various software and hardware protection tools, such as the built-in TPM trusted platform module.


FLIR Systems is the world’s largest commercial company specializing in the design and manufacture of thermal cameras, components, and image sensors. Founded in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA in 1978, the company manufactures heat chambers and components for a wide range of commercial and government applications.

Flir Термокамеры

Access Control System

Avigilon Контроль доступом


Avigilon develops and manufactures access control equipment. Avigilon solutions are used by thousands of customers in a variety of environments, including in educational institutions, transportation systems, healthcare facilities, public facilities and critical infrastructures, correctional facilities, factories, casinos, airports, financial and government institutions, and in retail.


Bosch Access Control provides autonomous access control for small and medium-sized companies. Its installation is very easy and fast. No need to install and administer a database system. The system is easy to use and allows a person with minimal training to create badges and manage access rights in a short time. Event logging and reporting allows you to track who was, when and where in the company.

Контроль доступ

Simons Voss

In order to organize maximum control over all rooms closed by mechanical cylinders in the locks and to organize any additional increased security requirements, Simons-Foss Technology GmbH (Germany) has developed and manufactured an electronic locking access restriction system.

Security systems


Bosch security systems include intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems, as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for voice, sound and music complement the range of products.

Security systems,Охранные системы

Internet of Things



Radio Frequency IDentification — The method of automatic identification of objects, in which data stored in so-called transponders or RFID tags are read or written via radio signals.


Low-power Wide-area Network  — Wireless technology to transfer small amounts of data over long distances, designed for distributed networks of telemetry, machine-to-machine interaction and the Internet of things.


Innovative technologies


This technology allows broadcasting 3D images floating in the air, and it can be controlled remotely from a computer or from a smartphone. This is an innovative explosive outdoor advertising technology. Holograms are a reality today. You can attract customers or select your product among others with this technology. This is a breakthrough technology of outdoor advertising in the form of a volume hologram. This moving 3D image in the air attracts the attention of many. Often people, when they first see an image floating in the air, take it to the camera and share it with their friends and subscribers, thus further advertising your brand.


MakeBlock is a constructor consisting of universal aluminum parts and other very different designs and mechanisms for assembling robots. The goal of the developers was to create such a constructor that absolutely everyone could use without having any special education. Previously, in order to assemble a robot, it was necessary to have deep knowledge in the field of electronics, software and mechanics. The authors of the project decided to create their own designer, which could be used by both children and adults.

pricer device


Electronic price tags – retail automation devices that allow you to display information about the price and properties of the goods on the screen located in the immediate vicinity of the product itself in the sales area. They are a more modern and technological replacement for traditional paper price tags.

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